Class Presentations

26 Sep

Pediatrician By: Maritza A. & Alex P.

Its a doctor that works with kids. they focus on physical health, emotional, and social health of infants. To become a pediatrician its 4 years. average salary is about $174,804 annually. pediatrician jobs have increase 8,856 percent. I would like to be a pediatrician because i love kids and help them with there health and what they need.

Pharmacy Technician By: Damian D. & Steven M.

Its a health care worker. Take from customers health professionals the information they need. Average salary $28,400 per year and $13.65 per hour, you need to have a high school diploma. serious outcome you must know all the track of medicines.

Pediatrician By: Bianca & Astrith.

They work with babies and kids. they diagnose injuries, infections. education requirement undergraduate degree medical degree. skill needed communication skills. salary is $171,46 per year. Good medical career :))

Pharmacist By: Ismael R. & Carlos R.

Pharmacist  dispense prescription medications to patients and offer advice on their safe use. salary $111.570 per year. work hours most pharmacists  work full time 21 percent worked a part time in 2010. You have to be a responsible person in order to be one.. GOOD! :))

Psychiatric Institutions By: Odalys M, Denisses M, & Raul M.

Its a where mentally ill people go for treatment or help for problems such as clinical depression, schizophrenia etc.

Pediatrician By: Lizet R. & Margarita O.

They do physical Exams and recommended immunizations.  you need 11-12 year of study after high school. Work environment office environment hospitals social environment. They could work depending on them. Show passion and interest to become a pediatrician. They could set there own hours. $154,295 average they annually get paid.

Anesthesiologist By: Mario & Anthony.

Annual Average $232,830 they make sure that the patient feels comfortable

Practical Nurse By:Vanessa & Jocelyn. 

They take patients temperature check pulse average salary per year $16,000-$25,000. They work with mentally or physical disability people clinics nursing. registered nurses accounts for 2.6 millions jobs in the US

Pediatrician By: Aurora V. & Wendy S.

They provide medical care for children. They only work with children.

Psychologists By: David S. & Scott Z.

They conduct scientific studies to study behavior and brain function. Course General Physchology history of physchology. They held about 174,000 jobs in 2010. some work alone others work in teams for a health care program. You need a master’s specialist, ir doctoral degree in psychology.

Pediatric Oncologist By: Kateryn R. & Danielle M.

They treat children with cancer. They use medication and chemotherapy to treat their patients. Theire duties are to direct chemotherapy and supportive care. The working hours are from 60-100 hours a week due to ill patients coming in everytime of the year. You have to study about 13 years to finally become one. they make about $45 and hour, and $51.869 per year. Theire advantages help children pays great there will always be a need for oncologists. &people will respect you. Disavantages you always busy lots of resposibility children passing aways lots of paper work and it takes along time to become one. Working consitions can be good or bad, you see children slowly drying or getting better while on the hospital. Universities in California UCLA, Harvard, UC Davis, USC.

Veterinarian By: Marcos L. & Israel L.

A veterinarian is anyone who is qualified to treat diseased or injuried animals. More than 59,700 people worked as veterinarian in 2008 while most in private practice. Their working conditions in private or clinical practice often work long hours in a noisy indoor environment. Sometimes they have to deal with emotional ir demanding pet owners. Admision to veterinary school is very competitive. Successful candidates usually apply to more than 2 schools. Animals lovers ge satisfaction from this ocupation, but aspects of the work can be unpleasant,. Salary $39.44 per hour or $82.040 per year.

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