Radiation Therapist

20 Mar


Radiation Therapist

Duties and Responsibilities: they assist radiologists and oncologists (cancer specialists) in treating diseases by exposing areas of patients’ bodies to ionizing radiation.  In addition to helping with treatments, technologists are responsible for maintaining the radiation therapy equipment and helping to maintain patient records.  Radiation therapy is provided in hospitals, public health clinics, cancer treatment centers, and private offices.

Salary: $22,000 – $36,000

Education: Students should take the most challenging science, math, and English courses available in high school.

Students can train to become a radiation therapist in either one or two year programs.  One year programs are often offered by hospitals.  To qualify for a one year program, an applicant must have graduated from an approved program in radiologic technology or been a nurse with education in radiation physics.  A high school diploma or a GED is required to enter two year courses.Image

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