29 Apr


Duties and Responsibilities:As periodontist, you’ll treat patients who have gum disease and other issues in the gums and bones surrounding the jaw. Your work may be surgical or non-surgical and might include tasks like placing implants, developing treatment plans, and providing preventative care. You may also perform cosmetic procedures, including tissue grafts or reductions to alter the way a person’s smile looks. Part of your job might also be to help patients resolve issues like tooth sensitivity. While most dentists work in their own private practices, you might also work in a group practice, clinic, dental school, or hospital.

Salary: the majority of periodontists earn between $101,181 – $245,538 a year

Education: You need to complete dental school followed by a residency in periodontics. Admission to dental school usually entails passage of the Dental Admissions Test and at least two years of prior college study, but it’s common for students to earn bachelor’s degrees before gaining admission. You might earn your degree in an area of science, which may prepare you for the extensive science coursework required in dental school; however, a degree in any major is usually acceptable as long as you meet science prerequisites.


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